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Ever higher requirements for hygienic products and processes in the food industry

The food industry faces ever higher requirements for hygienic products and processes. Many countries have implemented stricter product safety laws. Contaminated and defected products affect people’s health. There are also immensely high costs for product recalls and compensation, as well as a considerable loss of image.*

According to a report by Allianz based on reported insurance claims the food and beverage sector is „the second most impacted sector with an average value of 8 Million EUR per large product recall. […] The food and beverage sector is particularly prone to product recalls and contamination issues. […] Product recall exposures are also becoming longer-lasting. For example, frozen food has not historically been associated with product recalls, but in 2016 some 456 consumer products sold under 42 separate brands were recalled after frozen vegetables from US-based producer CRF Frozen Foods were found to contain listeria. The nature of frozen food means any contamination only emerges once the food is consumed, which may be many months after it was produced, particularly given best-before dates have been creeping up to as long as 24 months for some products.“*

Fully welded enclosures reduce the risk on contamination

To minimize the risk of contamination food processing machines have to be permanently sterile and optimally cleanable. Therefore a machine needs a fully-welded enclosure that consists of welded panels. The weld seams are waterproof and can withstand high cleaning forces. Due to their high durability, regular checks and repairs (at the seams) are not necessary.

Our panels are held in position by the PIR insulation material and do not require any additional connections between the inside and outside. Our housing is therefore completely free of cold bridges. This means that there is no risk of condensation.

Panels from Innclose have a PIR insulation core

Innclose panels have a PIR insulation core. PIR has the European fire class 5 “normally flammable” in contrast to the “easily flammable“ PUR foam. By using PIR, the operator of the machine reduces the risk of fire and saves a lot of money on fire insurance.

So fully welded enclosures are a worthwhile investment due to their durability, little required maintenance easy cleanability and a reduced risk of contaminated products. Our enclosures are delivered flatpack worldwide and we can arrange worldwide installation with our partners.