Innclose. The casing company.

Food safety during production

Food production demands optimum hygiene. Increasingly, heat-insulating machine housings of spiral freezers, freezing and cooling tunnels in a welded version are required for this purpose.

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Machine housing for self-assembly

Innclose delivers a ready-made package of insulation panels to machine builders. We supply suitable insulated panels for wall, ceiling and floor constructions, including feed-throughs and doors, including all necessary accessories.

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Modular concept for insulated machine housings

Machine manufacturers in the food industry with temperature-conditioned processes, need an insulated machine housing. Innclose provides affordable housing in which the identity of the entire machine concept can be realised with as many standard materials as possible. Contact us to discuss your insulated machine enclosure project.

Container solutions for climate and test rooms

Integrated container systems for turnkey climate simulation and test equipment.

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Climate and simulation test rooms

Innclose designs and supplies heatinsulating enclosures and conditioned semifinished products as standard, ranging from desktop models to walk-in climatic chambers.

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UF6 housing

Innclose is a specialist in the development and construction of state-of-the-art plug and play sublimation and desublimation systems used in the uranium enrichment industry.

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Special customized housings

Development and construction of customerspecific thermally insulated enclosures for climatic chambers as well as parts of it.

Innclose. The casing company

What is a casing? It is a shell or housing that offers protection. Innclose is able to offer advice about, design and supply all kinds of protective casings for cleanrooms, high care areas and machines. We are a highly experienced casing company and like sharing ideas about how to make your production process safer and cleaner.

In fact, we do not shy away from any challenge. This attitude has only made us better, stronger and more innovative. Even if our innovative ideas cannot be realised in one go, we will offer you a carefully devised plan of approach and address the challenge in phases.

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