Innclose. The casing company.

Cleanroom in the Healthcare sector

Innclose supplies cleanroom systems that guarantee perfect hygiene in, for example, CSA’s, dispensing pharmacies

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Cleanroom for Food

Although it might sound strange, cleanrooms are also used for food. The importance of hygiene in the food sector

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Cleanroom for Pharmaceutical sector

Why the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries opt for Innclose cleanrooms

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Cleanroom for Micro-electronics

There has been a massive increase in demand for high-classification cleanrooms within the micro-electronics

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Fully welded casing

Freezing tunnels, spiral freezers, these are just a few examples of fully welded machine casings.

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Noise absorbing casing

Noise reflections can be significantly reduced by implementing noise-absorbing panels.

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Modular machine casing

Have you sold a machine, which now needs to be expanded or modified? Modular casings are easy to expand.

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Thermal casing

Would you like to know how you can avoid thermal bridges? That’s where Innclose can assist you.

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High care refrigeration and freezer cell

Discover Innclose’s high care refrigeration and freezer cells. High care refrigeration cells are tailor-made.

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Climate and testing room

Products must be thoroughly tested before they are released on to the market. Would you like an example?

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UF6 casing

It is essential to carefully manage the process for enriching depleted uranium during energy production.

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Special door

We actually see it as a challenge to design and produce very large doors that offer thermal insulation,

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Innclose. The casing company

What is a casing? It is a shell or housing that offers protection. Innclose is able to offer advice about, design and supply all kinds of protective casings for cleanrooms, high care areas and machines. We are a highly experienced casing company and like sharing ideas about how to make your production process safer and cleaner.

In fact, we do not shy away from any challenge. This attitude has only made us better, stronger and more innovative. Even if our innovative ideas cannot be realised in one go, we will offer you a carefully devised plan of approach and address the challenge in phases.

IN ANY CASE! Challenge our specialists by contacting us:       +31 (0)88 77 44000.


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Why Innclose uses the box-in-box principle to construct cleanrooms

December 2016

Innclose exclusively designs and constructs mono-block cleanrooms. Why? Because we are 100% convinced about the advantages. This includes their solid lightweight construction, walkable ceilings, concealed connections and high-quality finish

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