Innclose designs and supplies casings

Innclose is THE CASING COMPANY. Our team of specialist is able to design and supply tailor-made casings. That's what we're good at!


We offer cleanrooms for healthcare, pharmaceutical, micro-electronic, nano and bio-technology applications, as well as high-tech applications in the food industry. Innclose can offer you perfect protection for all high care rooms and high risk departments; completely smooth and hygienic, and with a professional appearance and quality.

Tailor-made machine casings

Innclose has a long history of designing casings for machines and installations used by companies in the food industry. We are able to supply tailor-made casings for drying tunnels, cooling tunnels, spiral freezers, belt freezers, blanching lines, proofing cells and ovens. Innclose's casings help to make production processes safer and even more hygienic. Need to comply with strict international requirements? Then opt for fully welded casings. It is also possible to install the welded panels yourself. Or would you prefer us to do the welding? Because the joints we create are seamless.


What are specials? They are special, tailor-made casings. For instance, Innclose has been collaborating with Urenco for the past 20 years. We supply the consortium unique casings, which are then used to enrich uranium. What else do we manufacture? Acoustic walls and ceilings, which can be used to resolve noise-related problems in the workplace. But we also produce sliding doors, revolving doors and high-speed doors for a wide range of applications. All tailor-made, of course!

IN ANY CASE! Challenge our specialists by contacting us: +31 (0)88 77 44000.