Turn-key and exactly to your needs

The Innclose solutions are often applied in delicate production environments and processes. A closed chain of design and engineering up to and including installation and maintenance is then essential. Innclose guarantees optimal communication and interaction between all links in the chain. We therefore ensure that we are of efficient and economic service, while guaranteeing the best possible quality care.

1. Inventorying and Advice

Standing together in one line

During the first exploratory discussions, our technical consultant joins you in inventorying the current situation, your desires and possible problems. You discuss your vision, your objectives and your operational strategy. On the basis of this information we draw up advice that we summarise in a proposal to be discussed with you. After any adaptations this proposal forms a basic document for Design & Engineering.

2. Design & Engineering

A clear process

Before we start Design & Engineering we again discuss all the principles and details with you. During the Design & Engineering process drawing revisions can always be applied and traced. Where appropriate we also carry out strength calculations and seismic calculations for you. Innclose uses software packages on the market to guarantee good data communication with your organisation. BIM is also a possibility.

3. Assembly

All ready for the job 

Turnkey delivery and bringing into use have the least impact on your business processes.  Innclose can build housings, products and systems weighing up to 10 tons under its own roof, subject them to all the required testing and make them ready for transport. We can also build your installation on location. Wherever in the world: Innclose supplies your installation fully tested and operational.

4. Installation & Service

By Innclose or by yourself

Qualified and experienced technicians, supervisors and project managers take responsibility for installation and bringing into use on site. If required installation by your own technicians under our supervision is also an option. With assembly we bear minimum interference with your business processes in mind. During the period of use an all-in service contract with Innclose guarantees you an installation that functions sustainably as desired. 

5. Project management

Administration and control

Our project manager is your permanent point of contact. The Innclose project managers combine their technical expertise with knowledge of the markets and sectors in which they operate. From the Design & Engineering stage our project manager is your producer and controller. He watches over development, purchasing, quality, working conditions and the environment, work preparation, assembly and installation. The objective is: to complete your project as desired and as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

6. Flexibility

Scalable complexity

We are flexible and easily adapt in line with the requirements and complexity you desire. If you are in search of a fast and efficient solution, we can offer you this service. Our starting point always remains : heavy and durable if it has to be, and as light and efficient as possible. This is why Innclose provides products and services according to set requirements of complexity. In so doing we serve both international organisations in the nuclear sector as well as many SMEs.