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weldable flat packed insulation panels concept

Innclose finds its interested clients for the weldable panels insulation package mainly at machine builders of conditioned production processes. Innclose is exclusively concerned with the machine housing and is in no way involved in the technical details of machine components or functionality. It thus supplies the insulating housing as a socalled white label product, so that the identity and machine origin can be fully attributed to the machine builder. Innclose works within its customer base, originating from different sectors, mostly on the basis of repetitive orders. In consultation with the machine manufacturer, the basis for repetitive design elements is laid during the initial design phase and efficiency, in terms of dimensions, can lead to recurring cost savings

We briefly mention the various stages during the course of a flat packed panel project:

A. During quotation stage

The customer is interested in a weldable panel housing and mentions the most important design criteria. Innclose receives principle layout of the machine and determines the amount of materials required for the composition of the complete insulating housing and draws up the corresponding quotation

B. During contract execution phase

After the contract has been awarded, the final dimensions of the insulated housing are determined on the basis of the machine layout and at the same time the interface with the machine components is checked. Based on the final layout, the exact dimensions of the individual panels, doors and required finishing profiles are determined and production can take place. After production, all insulation materials are properly packaged and panels are clearly marked for the correct assembly order at the final destination. The complete flat packed insulation package is carefully packed and then finds its way to its final destination. Innclose also provides clear instructions for assembly and description with recommendation for the panel welding process