Pioneer in protection

Innclose can draw upon a rich history for conceiving tailored solutions. We are also constantly innovating, including responding to market developments and changing laws and regulations. Until 2013 Innclose was a part of the Metaflex Group. As Metaflex Special Products we were at the cradle of the development of protective and insulating housings.


The start of Metaflex

Metaflex supplies its first insulation panels and cooler and freezer doors. In the following years Metaflex develops to become a worldwide specialist with an enviable reputation in airtight door systems and automation for the medical sector, the care sector, the food industry, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals and laboratories.


Cooperation with Urenco

Urenco in Almelo asks Metaflex to develop two cabinets for the heating and cooling of uranium hexafluoride (UF6). This heralds the start of intensive cooperation. Metaflex supplies hundreds of UF6 cabinets to Urenco and USEC Inc.


Foundation of  Special Products

The intensive cooperation with Urenco leads to the establishment of the Special Products department. In this segment Metaflex grew to become a worldwide market leader in the development, production and supply of UF6 Stations (core equipment) for uranium enrichers.


Metaflex Special Products B.V.

The activities of the Special Products department expand to the development and production of insulating and protective housings for different branches of industry and sectors. Metaflex Special Products B.V. is set up and made independent to make a clear distinction from the activities of the Metaflex Group.


The start of Innclose

The prosperous development and investments in people, equipment and facilities of Metaflex Special Products result in a more distinctive character and added value. To be able to emphasise this and further expand, Metaflex Special Products continues under the name Innclose; a combination of innovation and inclosure.