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A positive footprint

We owe it to the following generations to use our planet’s resources sparingly. And we not only have an obligation towards the future. Also today, it is our task to act responsibly with the interests of society, our environment and our employees in mind. Innclose also critically takes the Triple P (People, Planet and Profit) into account in its policy decisions.

People: staff welfare

Innclose focuses on a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, customers and subcontractors. We obviously work on the basis of the requirements in the (relevant) laws and regulations and are holders of the SCC operating certificate. Furthermore, a number of our employees can boast various SHS (Safety – Health – Environment) qualifications. Innclose disposes of a current Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) system verified by an external specialist in the field.  

Innclose attaches great importance to an open, positive and motivating work atmosphere. Our employees are given their own responsibility, much freedom, and are stimulated to further develop and follow training and courses.  

Planet: energy and the environment

Environmentally-friendly operation is also a priority at Innclose. We make every effort to limit any adverse effects on the environment caused by our company activities to the extent possible.

Innclose supplies solutions that contribute to creating a better environment at its buyers. Using materials such as mineral insulation with a high insulation value saves energy, reduces noise, avoids fire hazards and creates a safe working environment.

Energy-saving measures such as lighting sensors have been introduced in our offices and production facilities. Constant monitoring and the monthly evaluation of energy consumption ensure high energy awareness among the employees.

Innclose uses the principles of sustainable waste management, including minimising waste and separate collection. We are continuously striving for further optimisation here. To do this we work together with a leading waste processor in the field of sustainability and CSR.

Profit: social responsibility  

We do everything possible to avoid working with companies involved with child labour, people trafficking or financial maladministration. We also supply no products that are used for military purposes.

Innclose sponsors initiatives including the Alpe d’Huzes and makes an active and financial contribution to supporting the disadvantaged in India. Innclose also assists with regional activities such as Achterhoek 2020.

Innclose wants to be as transparent and open as possible about its efforts in the field of sustainable and socially committed operations. Innclose does this by promoting its CSR policy through the ISO 26000 self-declaration and the corresponding substantiation.