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Floor on frame

Machine builders in the food industry often struggle with uneven concrete floors on the production site to place their spiral freezer or cooling tunnel on. Uneven floors can result in longer preparation times and delayed projects as a concrete floor can hardly meet the high tolerance requirements of a machine builder. 

Fully custom welded floors

Innclose designs and builds custom-made fully-welded floors with subframes for machine builders in the food industry. These subframe can carry the weight of the machinery on site. The floor is built-up from subsegments and adjusted on site to compensate the unevenness of the production site floor and delivers a flat basis for the machine. 

Worldwide delivery and installed by Innclose-certified installation partners

The floors can be equipped with slope, drainage and anti-slip. They will be transported in several segments and delivered and installed wordwide through Innclose-certified installation partners. 

At the load points of the machinery the floor panels are punctually stiffened to bear the load of the machinery. All floor panels have a PIR core inside which results in a lower fire risk and lower fire insurance costs. Here you can configurate your fully-welded floor