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Higher standard products

Safe food production can only be realised if sources of contamination are eliminated. You are legally required to comply with that stipulated in the HACCP, BRC and IFS. And, in the interest of your brand’s reputation, it is essential for you to produce in a reliable manner. The solutions we devise and produce will help to further improve the quality of your products.

Labour-friendly cleaning

Innclose’s solutions for the food industry, like high care rooms, proofing and settling chambers, refrigeration and freezing tunnels and spiral freezers, are characterised by a high quality finish that simplifies the cleaning process. For instance, there are no hollow areas and panel joints can be fully welded. This helps to eliminate uncontrollable build-up of dirt and means silicone seals can be confined to the past.

Food-safe materials

Although not everyone may have realised, every form of food preparation has its own specific areas of attention. Salts, acids, moisture and temperature are factors that have an impact on the final choice of materials and construction. Some processes are better suited to wall finishes using food-safe coatings, while other processes are better suited to stainless steel 304 or 316. Innclose’s experts will help you to make the right choice. Their knowledge and experience has been acquired over many years.