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Processes can be safer and cleaner

There’s a good reason why Innclose is referred to as the casing company. Our engineers specifically focus on the outside of a process. We are convinced that processes in the food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, micro-electronic, healthcare, machine-building, energy and uranium enrichment industries can be even safer and cleaner.

Protective casings

Casings must be able to protect products, processes and employees in the above mentioned sectors. You can focus on the production process, and leave our engineers to find the best way to protect it. Naturally, we will be pleased to share the experience we have built up over the years. We promise to always find the best possible solution, within the budget you actually have at your disposal.

At home in casings

Innclose is your partner for high quality casings and will never shy away from any challenge. How do we operate? We start by creating an inventory of your preferences; we then incorporate applicable norms and regulations into our design. We will only get started in earnest once agreement has been reached about every aspect.