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December 2016

Innclose exclusively designs and constructs mono-block cleanrooms. Why? Because we are 100% convinced about the advantages. This includes their solid lightweight construction, walkable ceilings, concealed connections and high-quality finish without hidden cavities.

Faster and cleaner

There are two ways to construct a cleanroom; the 2-scale system, which features Metal Stud profiles and is finished using gypsum panels or Trespa, and the modular mono-block system. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the 2-scale (or duo-block) system makes it possible to incorporate an extra power socket or window into the construction site. Yes, the construction site! When building such 2-scale systems, engineers will first cut everything to size before they start assembling it. If you would like to construct a cleanroom in an existing room (box in box), then you should really opt for a mono-block cleanroom because construction activities are a lot faster and cleaner.


Construction package

This is because the new cleanroom will be designed in advance and prefabricated in our factory. As a result, the assembly process will proceed very quickly and smoothly. We place the adjustable floor profiles within the first few hours, and then quickly construct the smooth 80 mm-thick wall panels. Naturally, we will do everything to minimise disturbances in your production process. This effective approach is particularly useful to companies that need to produce 24/7, like in the food sector, for example.


Man-made pollution

Our underlying principle? We can reduce pollution by building faster and with fewer people. Did you know that humans and the biggest polluting factor in cleanrooms? So prevention is always the best option, because cleanroom management is based on having cleanroom management programmes that keep air free of floating (dust) particles.


Greater flexibility via hollow pipes

Unlike 2-scale systems, it is easier to expand, downsize or relocate mono-block cleanrooms. To guarantee this level of flexibility in your cleanroom, we always recommend using hollow pipes. The principle of hollow pipes has proven its worth in practice. We have already modified quite a few mono-block cleanrooms to meet the latest preferences.


Innclose represents Ilkazell

Innclose represents the leading German brand Ilkazell in the Benelux. Ilkazell supplies cleanrooms to major German companies like Novartis, DSM, Behring, Bayer and various university hospitals. This alone proves the very high quality solutions offered by the company. Besides what Ilkazell does in Germany - which includes designing, manufacturing and installing cleanrooms for multinationals, we also collaborate with cleanroom advisers and installers. We have set up a demo model in Aalten. Would you like to see the quality and effectiveness for yourself? Then please feel free to make an appointment.


Coen Kuijer