Extreme temperature control

Do you manufacture products that are sensitive to temperature and need to be well conditioned? The high-tech thermal insulation designed and produced by Innclose takes into account design and radiation-related considerations and makes sure your processes (both hot and cold) are carefully protected. In short, you will be able to better manage your processes. 

Managing high temperatures

Would you like to retain the heat produced by e.g. drying tunnels, ovens and blanching lines? You’re not the only one. Our engineers are regularly involved in such projects.

Test chambers

INNCLOSE Thermisch

Temperatures in the test chambers designed and built by Innclose can vary between -70 ◦C and + 250 ◦C. In addition, one can also encounter high air humidity. Do the products you manufacture need to be tested in extreme conditions? Then take advantages of the vast knowledge our engineers have gathered over the years. The experience, knowledge and dedication of our employees is reflected in the test chambers we develop.

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