Familiar with uranium enrichment

Innclose is a partner of leading companies involved with the enrichment of uranium for energy production worldwide. We have acquired this position by developing isotope separation installations that allowed depleted uranium (uranium hexafluoride or UF6) to be converted from a solid state to a gaseous state and vice versa in a safe, measurable and efficient manner.

UF6 Stations

We have been supplying isotope separation installations, also known as UF6 Stations, for over 20 years. These installations are now implemented worldwide by the uranium industry. UF6 Stations consist of an insulated casing with an accurate weighing system, air conditioning and an electrical installation. Innclose developed this product and has continued to fine-tune it over the years. This product is very accurate and safe, and has allowed us to become market leader in this field.



AGV Transporter for UF6 cylinders

In order to load and unload UF6 cylinders from the Stations, Innclose decided to develop an AGV Transporter capable to driving by itself on tracks or via laser controls. The Transporter also has sensors that scan the surroundings for obstacles. The built-in gyroscope allows completely flat loading to be realised, even on irregular surfaces. The Transporter is able to operate both inside and outside and is moisture-proof. All electrical cabinets including the control system are provided in NEMA4/IP66.

Always innovative

Our experience in developing UF6 Stations allows us to call ourselves a specialist in accurately controlling air flows and temperature. But Innclose is always active. Our engineers constantly work on innovations to further improve performance and safety. That's why we conceive solutions which comply with all applicable requirements and standards. The products we develop are intrinsically safe (safe by design), built in our factory and always tested in-house before delivery. This means installation at your location can take place quickly. Quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

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