From nuisance to enjoyment at work

Noise-related nuisance is not only unpleasant, it can also cause health complaints. However, a lot of processes still exceed legal noise norms. When it comes to machines and installations that produce a lot of noise, we are able to reduce noise-related nuisance via a combination of noise absorption, noise insulation and noise protection. This will help you to improve the working conditions of your employees, and thus improve their productivity.

Tailor-made solutions

The noise-abating casings, ceilings, doors and panels supplied by Innclose will always suit your specific situation and process. But our acoustic casings will still offer you excellent accessibility to your machine. In other words, you will not encounter obstacles when, for example, performing maintenance activities.


Noise abatement in wet areas

The noise abatement solutions we design and install in wet areas are one of a kind! For instance, our noise insulating walls and ceilings, which are also hygienic, can be cleaned at high pressure. These walls and ceilings are thus ideal for the food industry or places where hygiene is very important.

Noise measurements

Are you suffering from noise-related nuisance? Then you may want to know what you’re facing. Innclose's experts will first perform a noise measurement and then offer useful advice specific to your situation. This noise measurement will then be repeated once the noise abatement solution has been installed. Because knowledge is power.

IN CASE OF NOISE DISTURBANCE. Contact us: +31 (0)88 77 44000.