Knowledge and responsibility

Innclose opts for an integral approach when meeting your protection and casing-related needs. This involves taking a close look at your production environment or project. We then use our knowledge and sense of responsibility to offer you an innovative solution. We make casings as heavy and durable as needed and as light and efficient as possible.

Investing in innovation

Innclose invests heavily in innovation. The knowledge we gain from our R&D, customer preferences and practical experience, is combined with innovative products, systems and partnerships.

Innovation in practice

INNCLOSE Oplossingen

A company that builds production lines for the chocolate industry was encountering noise-related nuisance. This nuisance was being caused by the installation that shakes air out of the chocolate. The company wanted a hygienic casing capable of reducing noise to below the legal norm. But all attempts led to nothing, until it called Innclose. Our engineers then developed a casing with integrated hygienic noise absorbers. They were seamlessly incorporated into the casing and could be cleaned at pressure up to 60 Bar. The absorbers reduced noise considerably and managed to keep noise created by the production line below the legal norm.

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