The cleanroom system

Innclose is a specialist in modular cleanroom solutions. Is only the very best quality good enough for you? ILKAclean wall and ceiling systems, which are incorporated into the self-supporting mono-block system, consist of an insulated core surrounded by finished metal panels. They are completely smooth and streamlined, and thus fully resistant against diffusion. They are easy to clean (VHP resistant), suitable for all cleanroom classifications and are accompanied by a GMP certificate.

Advantages of the mono-blok system

Cleanrooms can be built in two ways; using a 2-scale system and using a modular mono-block system. Would you like to build a cleanroom or dust-proof area in an existing hall or production areas? Then opt for a modular cleanroom solution. They are easy to expand, relocate and configure


Technical specifications of cleanrooms

The borders used in wall systems, as well as assembly clamps, help to create a permanent joint of between 3 and 4 millimetres. Cleanrooms are available exactly how you want them. This is due to the special corner, T and intersecting profiles that enable a wide range of designs. Walls and ceilings can be insulated using polyurethane or non-combustible rock wool.

Specifications of hygienic cleanrooms

Your employees must be able to work in cleanrooms in a safe and pleasant manner. That is why Innclose seamlessly integrates all required media, medical gases, extraction systems and other supply and discharge fixtures into wall panels. Would you like to make changes or expand later down the line? No problem because separate pipes and mounting boxes can be created in walls. Your cleanroom is thus ready for the future.

Food-safe machine casings

The importance of food safety cannot be underestimated within the food industry. And government monitoring is also strict on this front. This is normal, of course, because safe food production can have an impact on public health. Innclose supplies food-safe insulating machine casings, which comply with all laws and regulations. You will receive smooth surfaces without edges and seams, rounded corners, fully welded panel components and flush-mounted windows. Naturally, all our solutions are tailor-made.

Preventing contamination

Would you like to further reduce contamination in your products and product flows? The casings designed and produced by Innclose are hygienic and easy to clean (also at high pressure). In addition, you can still quickly access your production line or machine. In other words, you will not encounter obstacles when performing maintenance activities.

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