Our cleanroom systems help you to create an air-tight inner shell for your dispensing pharmacy. The panel-based concept has been realised using a metal sandwich construction with rock wool or PU core material, and can be built via the box-in-box principle. This dust-free room, which is built inside existing buildings, does not require any extra structural features.

Top german quality

Our GMP-certified cleanroom wall system is synonymous with top German quality. The high airtightness of the wall system, ceilings and revolving and sliding doors helps to optimise pressure management. This also has a positive effect on the long-term costs associated with operating a cleanroom. The VHP-proof wall finish is also easy to disinfect.

Cleanroom details

  • Flush finish featuring metal wall with rock wool or PU core material.
  • Clean and extremely fast method of assembly.
  • Hermetic revolving doors with in-built fittings for an airlock.
  • Fittings for incorporating gases, data cables and electrics.
  • Extraction grids and air ducts integrated into the walls.
  • A lot of light and clear views thanks to large glass panels and revolving doors.

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