Uranium enrichment industry

It is essential to carefully manage the process for enriching depleted uranium during energy production. In this case, the safety of employees, the process and the working environment is paramount. Innclose has been a partner for the uranium enrichment industry for the past 25 years and has established a unique position in this sector. We have acquired this position by developing an isotope separation installation that enables the conversion of depleted uranium (uranium hexafluoride or UF6) from a solid state to gaseous state and vice versa in a safe, measurable and efficient manner.

UF6 stations

Since the Nineties, Innclose has been developing isotope separation installations (also known as UF6 Stations) which are now being implemented all throughout the world. They are tailor-made insulation casings featuring an accurate weighing system, air conditioning and an electrical installation for sublimating and de-sublimating the UF6 material. Over the years, Innclose’s engineers have continued to make these installations safer and increasingly accurate.

Development based in experience

Our experience with the development of UF6 stations allows us to call ourselves a specialist in the accurate control of air flows and temperature. But Innclose is always active. Our engineers constantly work on cases and innovations to further improve performance and safety in a variety of processes. We do this for many customers and industries.