No size is too big

Do you need a special door? Our tailor-made solutions mean you do not have to modify your design or situation because only standard doors are available. We actually see it as a challenge to design and produce very large doors that offer thermal insulation, reduce noise, offer fire resistance or feature a more high-tech finish.

Tailor-made doors

If you go to a regular door manufacturer, you are likely to face restrictions because such doors are not compatible with their well-oiled production processes. Do you, for example, need a 12 metre-high door to suit the transport system in your automatic freezing cell? Fantastic! We would love to build it. Once the door has been installed, you can continue building the surrounding freezing cell. Would you like another example? Reverse lifting doors with space for a monorail, so Big Bags can be sealed. This is one of the many other solutions our engineers have devised for our customers.

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