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Discover Innclose's high care refrigeration and freezer cells. They are very different to widely available prefab refrigeration cells. These high care cells have been successfully implemented in the pharmaceutical and food industries for many years.

What is so different?

High care refrigeration cells are tailor-made. Your specific circumstances will determine everything, including the size and position of doors. Or would you still prefer a standard size? No problem. Besides variable sizes, hollow corners have been completely filled and fully integrated into the panel. This applies to all corners; vertical corners as well as those created between floor and wall connections. What's the biggest advantage? This is more hygienic because dirt cannot build up in the corners. In addition, the structure is also water-tight.


Quality-related specifications

Innclose's high care refrigeration and freezer cells are made using 0.8 millimetre thick metal plate. They also have a thicker coating. Fully integrated LED lighting helps to create clear light while consuming less energy. The switch is incorporated into the outer wall, where you can also read the internal temperature. Are there any other unique characteristics? We produce high care refrigeration and freezer cells with USPH (S) certification for the offshore industry.

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