Thermal casings offered  by experts

Thermal casings used in spiral freezers and freezing tunnels differ in structure from casings used in proofing and settling chambers. This makes sense because temperature and air humidity are both high in such chambers. But condensation can be a problem because thermal bridges are common in such casings. And condensation is a major breeding ground for micro-organisms. Would you like to know how you can avoid thermal bridges? That's where Innclose can assist you.

Second opinion

Our experts are sometimes asked to provide a second opinion about relatively recent thermal casings. The absence of suitable expertise sometimes becomes painfully obvious when corrosive drips are encountered on the outer-wall.

The advantages of using an expert

The life-span of vapour-proof casings, which are free of thermal bridges, will be determined by their construction. Therefore, when constructing effective products, one needs knowledge of the food industry as well as a proven engineering background. And Innclose possesses both. So why not take advantage of this. Innclose does not shy away from any challenge and will always find a suitable solution! 

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