Addressing noise issues at the source

Your employees will eventually suffer hearing damage if they are exposed to loud noise for short or long periods of time. Do you already provide hearing protection? You may not have noticed, but you're actually only fighting the symptoms. So why not address the issue at the source?

Should noise be insulated or absorbed?

Naturally, the best option is to fully encapsulate the noise. However, this is not always possible because employees responsible for performing the process tend to be in close proximity to the noise source. Absorption is thus the best option in such circumstances. Noise is normally absorbed using porous materials that deflect sound waves. This is a great solution, but the food processing industry cannot use such porous materials because they are not hygienic. That is why hygienic spaces in this sector are normally finished using hard and smooth materials. But they result in noise reflection, which can create a very unpleasant acoustic climate.

Hygienic noise muting

Noise reflections can be significantly reduced by implementing noise-absorbing panels. The solutions developed by Innclose not only comply with hygienic requirements, but are also very easy to clean. In short; Innclose's sealed and fibre-free panels are ideal when muting noise in areas where hygiene is a priority. These panels serve as a membrane and thus absorb the encountered noise. It is also possible to incorporate them into doors, whereby creating a completely smooth surface that also absorbs noise.

Why Innclose's hygienic noise absorption is ideal:

  • Suitable for areas with very high and/or fluctuating relative humidity.
  • Does not create a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, and is inorganic, amorphous and germ-free.
  • Impermeable and resistant against micro-organisms.
  • Antistatic, UV-proof and able to resist a wide range of chemicals.
  • Can be cleaned with high pressure (up to 60 bar at a distance of 30 cm).
  • Lasting high light reflection and colour fastness.
  • The polyester wool core means fibres are not released if the film is damaged.
  • Complies with HACCP.


The pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries, cleanrooms, industrial kitchens, laboratories and machine casings.

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