Tailor-made machine casings

Innclose designs, manufactures and installs machines casings and machine housings that effectively protect your processes.

Properties of machine casings

Effective tailor-made machine casings not only comply with all hygiene-related requirements, but they also insulate. In other words, they help to maintain temperature, reduce noise, eliminate risk of e.g. fire, and protect your employees. Is such a machine casing the finishing touch to your investment? And do you want to avoid recalls but don’t know how to get started? That’s where Innclose can assist you.

Insulated casings

A great deal of knowledge and experience is needed when designing insulated casings. What we pay particular attention to? We want casings to fit machines perfectly and perfectly match the process taking place within the casing. For instance, openings for operation, maintenance and cleaning purposes must be positioned logically and offer a durable solution. When it comes to projects outside the Netherlands, we design tailor-made solutions that can be assembled on-site. Would you like joints to be concealed? Then opt for the special sealing adhesives we are able to supply upon demand. They have a life-span of between 10 and 15 years.

Welded casings

Are you looking for the crème de la crème when it comes to hygiene and quality? Then contact Innclose for fully welded casings. These casings consist of insulated sandwich panels, which are given a welded finish using a variety of welding systems. The panels are made from stainless steel. Do panels also have to be fire resistant? Then we will produce them using PIR, which means they will comply with all fire-related requirements. These panels offer excellent combined insulation and cleaning properties. They are thus ideal for spiral freezers, cooling tunnels, blanching lines and drying tunnels. Because they can be used in a very wide range of temperatures, namely from -50 ˚C to +150 ˚C, the welded panels are also ideal for test rooms and test chambers. The welded panels can also be ordered in any size for floors, walls and ceilings, with matching doors and hatches. Innclose can weld the panels for you or you can decide to do it yourself.