For perfect hygiene in the pharmaceutical sector

Cleanrooms can be constructed in several ways. Until now, the pharmaceutical sector primarily used Metal Stud profiles, where the finish was mainly realised using gypsum or Trespa panels. What are the disadvantages of this 2-scale system? Firstly, it takes a long time to install. Secondly, sawing and installation activities performed by workers create a lot of construction-related dust.

Mono-block cleanrooms; faster and cleaner

Innclose designs and constructs cleanrooms which are based on the mono-block principle and all feature the GMP certificate. Why has Innclose opted for the mono-block system? Because we are 100% convinced about the advantages. Your cleanroom is thus pre-designed in accordance with your exact specifications and is then pre-fabricated in our factory. This means construction activities are a lot faster and cleaner.

Top German quality

The top German quality of our cleanrooms helps you to effectively manage your air quality, temperature, air humidity and pressure management. You receive fully integrated door frames, glass panels, LED lighting, return channels and separate ducts for all necessary wiring. You can also count on improved hygiene and a reduction in cleaning activities.

Why the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries opt for Innclose cleanrooms:

  • Fast and clean assembly.
  • Continuation of operating processes; no downtime.
  • Complete airlock system with interlock.
  • Large glass panels possible.
  • GMP certificate.
  • High airtightness.
  • Walkable and non-walkable ceilings.
  • Hermetically sealed revolving and sliding doors.
  • Facilities fully incorporated into walls.

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