For perfect hygiene

There has been a massive increase in demand for high-classification cleanrooms within the micro-electronics, nano and semi-conductor industries.

Cleanrooms are mainly used in areas where high-grade products are manufactured, with rooms and areas that surround the workplace being subject to lower classifications. Innclose's mono-block system can be used to realise cleanrooms with high classifications as well as cleanrooms with low classifications.

Cleanrooms and dust particles

What about dust and other particles in cleanrooms? Constant air inflow (with a maximum number of dust particles per ft³), effectively managed air humidity and temperature are decisive factors when producing micro-electronics. Naturally, your production process will be the basis for everything Innclose proposes.

Cleanroom specifications

Your air conditioning system can be installed completely flush with the surface of your ceiling. This also applies to adjustable LED light fixtures, which have been specially developed and tested for use in cleanrooms. These fixtures help to generate a lot more light than standard fixtures, thus giving your employees a much better view of their workplace. You can also select from walkable or non-walkable ceilings. Sustainability and efficient maintenance are standard options in our cleanrooms.

Greater flexibility due to separate ducts

The mono-block wall system already contains provisions for e.g. return channels for air disposal. There are also separate ducts that allow your cleanroom to be fully modified to suit your needs. Would you prefer to integrate your air extraction system in the floor? No problem because this can be done by raising the floor surface. In this case, air downflow will be disposed of and recirculated via the floor.

Why the micro-electronic, nano and semi-conductor industries opt for Innclose cleanrooms:

  • Fast and clean assembly.
  • Continuation of operating processes; no downtime.
  • Complete airlock system with interlock.
  • Large glass panels possible.
  • GMP certificate.
  • High airtightness.
  • Walkable and non-walkable ceilings.
  • Hermetically sealed revolving and sliding doors.
  • Facilities fully incorporated into walls.
  • Raised floors with integrated air extraction.

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