For perfect hygiene in the food sector

Although it might sound strange, cleanrooms are also used for food. For instance, the importance of hygiene in the food sector cannot be under-estimated. Perhaps you are familiar with words like ‘cleanroom’ and ‘high care room’? All critical process-related components must be under control within food production processes. This is something the government monitors by regularly examining your internal HACCP and BRC policy.

Cleaner food process

How can you make your production process more hygienic? One option involves taking more structural and installation-related measures. This, for example, means taking a closer look at temperature, air humidity and how effectively spaces can be cleaned. And we excel when it comes to assessing the critical places in any process. You will be able to extend the THT date once your process becomes cleaner and better conditioned. And better still: hygienic improvements will allow you to eliminate the need for recalls.

What does Innclose actually offer?

All uneven floor, wall and ceiling joints are potential sources for the build-up of dirt. Such joints must thus be avoided, particularly in critical places within your production location. Innclose supplies wall and ceiling systems consisting of mono-block panels without hollow areas, which means windows, grids and lighting can be incorporated flush in relation to the supporting wall.

How does Innclose operate?

Together with the Innclose expert, you can use your products and preparations to determine which surface materials are needed to create the best possible cleanroom for your foods. This will allow you to keep your high-care department clean!

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