For perfect hygiene in the Healthcare sector

Because hygiene is extremely important in the healthcare sector, Innclose supplies cleanroom systems that guarantee perfect hygiene in, for example, CSA's (central sterilisation departments), dispensing pharmacies and central kitchens.

Mono-block system

Would you like to construct a cleanroom or hygienic area in a particular part of your care institution? Then opt for a mono-block cleanroom.

Mono-block cleanrooms are constructed based on the box-in-box principle. . This means clean, dust-free rooms are built inside existing buildings. What's the main advantage of this approach? A shorter construction process and a cleaner construction site, which means your care processes can simply continue as normal.

Pass through chambers

Pass through chambers are used to prevent contamination when moving goods between different rooms. These chambers are placed in production rooms, pharmacies, laboratories and central sterilisation departments. You can order your pass through chambers in stainless steel or in any RAL colour. The chambers feature interlocks and air conditioning.


People are a major source of pollution in cleanrooms and other clean production environments. This is because we lose between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells every day.  And people release even more particles into the air when they change clothes. As you can imagine, air-bound dust particles increase the chance of contamination. But an airlock can help to reduce such risks.

Advantages of Innclose cleanrooms in the healthcare sector

Innclose cleanrooms offer a variety of advantages:

  • VHP proof
  • Fast and clean assembly
  • Box-in-box cleanroom system
  • Large glass panels possible
  • With GMP certificate
  • High airtightness, thus consistent pressure hierarchy
  • Hermetic revolving doors and sliding doors

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