Cleanrooms prevent contamination

What is a cleanroom? It is a dust-free working environment, which has been specially designed to limit or eliminate contamination in production or research settings. When are such dust-free cleanrooms needed? If you want to avoid contamination due to fibres, micro-organisms, fine particles and/or (chemical) vapours in production or research settings. Demand for dust-free rooms continues to increase.

Top quality cleanrooms

Is only the very best quality good enough for you? The cleanrooms designed by Innclose are made using high quality components, which have proven their superiority at international level. For instance, we have already installed cleanrooms at companies like Bayer, Novartis and Siemens, as well as many university hospitals. An additional benefit: the cleanroom ceilings designed by our team are walkable.

Completely seamless

The cleanrooms realised by Innclose are completely seamless. This more or less rules out the likelihood of contamination. They are suitable for various applications and markets, like the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, nano-technology, micro-electronics and food industries, as well as the healthcare sector.

International standard

Innclose's cleanroom solutions are suitable for all common cleanroom classes under international standard ISO14644-1/3.

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