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June 2016


Since April 2016, we have represented the German company Ilkazell in the Benelux. We are pleased and proud that Ilkazell has decided to choose Innclose.


This collaboration creates a wealth of opportunities for both companies, which gives us a great feeling. Thanks to Ilkazell's products, we can now serve the healthcare and pharmacy sectors in addition to the mechanical-engineering, food, oil & gas, and nuclear industries.

Clean rooms for healthcare and pharmacy sectors

Ilkazell provides clean rooms for large German companies such as Novartis, DSM, Behring, Bayer and various university clinics. This fact alone proves the high quality of their solutions. In contrast to what Ilkazell does in Germany – designing, manufacturing and installing clean rooms for multinationals – we focus on collaborating with advisers and installers who specialise in clean rooms. Together with these professionals, we want to design and install clean rooms for clients in the small to medium-sized enterprise segment, such as the pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacies and the top segment in the food industry.


GMP certificate

Ilkazell's product range offers a wide variety of options and versions. For example, we can offer clean-room solutions such as steel-lined mono-block systems with a polyurethane or mineral-wool core. All clean rooms are supplied with GMP certification.


Clean room validation

When Innclose constructs a clean room, a qualified technician will come to validate and complete the installation. Our modular clean rooms can be supplied in a variety of classes.


Innclose: supplier and installer

Innclose's role is to both supply and install this kind of robust and comprehensive system. Clean-room solutions like these can consist of wall and ceiling panels, sliding and revolving doors, lighting systems and other accessories for air treatment and piping. If our clients are looking for a transport hatch or material-decontamination chambers with an interlocking function, then they are in safe hands: these options can be installed as standard in Ilkazell's factory.


Flat and functional

Just like the developers at Innclose, Ilkazell are not keen on edges. Amongst other features, this philosophy is reflected in the door programme. When closed, the door, door frame and wall panel form a completely flat surface. It's a well-thought-out and highly functional solution! These clean-room doors are also part of the total concept.

Are you looking for a clean room? If so, I'd be happy to share my enthusiasm for Ilkazell's products! Feel free to contact me for information with no obligations. I'll tell you everything you need to know!


Matthieu Janse
Sales Manager