September 2015

Thanks to many years' experience in the field of insulation panels, Innclose has been able to develop a new product range featuring polyurethane-insulated weldable sandwich panels. These panels are made of stainless steel and can be fully welded to meet strict hygiene requirements.


Because they possess excellent insulation properties and can be cleaned very effectively, these panels are ideal for e.g. spiral freezers, cooling tunnels and drying tunnels. The weldable panels are also suitable for testing rooms and testing cabinets because they offer a temperature range between -50˚ and +150˚ Celsius.


Innclose supplies tailor-made weldable panels for floors, walls, ceilings, doors and hatches, which can all be welded on-location. Innclose is also able to deploy its own welders to weld casings at your production location.


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