The situation

Innclose was approached by an international chemical company. For a plant in Belgium they were looking for a solution to guard two classifiers. They produce plastic granulate for the medical industry and contamination in the finished product should be avoided at all costs.

The request

Design and build a new type of cover for 2 existing screening machines (classifiers), taking into account the following requirements:

  • Make sure that it is impossible for dirt and dust to end up in the finished product
  • It should be easy for one person to operate the machine with little effort, but at the same time the machine should have maximum access.
  • For 2 people it should be possible to disassemble and re-assemble the total cover quickly and easily without having to use tools.
  • The construction should be designed in such a way that the original functionality of the classifiers is retained.
  • Classifiers are classified as Group II, category 3 equipment (ATEX 95) and are located in an ATEX zone 22 (ATEX 137)
  • Based on ATEX 95 and the Machinery Directive, make sure that the new covers are within the scope of this CE mark
  • Mount the covers on site in Belgium and observe the safety procedures that apply when working in a chemical plant.

The solution

The solution designed by Innclose was a separately positioned frame with a rail system over which 4 individual stainless steel covers with bearing wheels are able to move back and forth. Each cover can be fixed on 3 different positions so that a free space of 50% can be created anywhere above the machine. One person is able to operate the covers. The covers were designed in such a way that dust will fall towards the sides and does not remain on the frame. Innclose performed a risk analysis and an ignition source analysis.

The result

On site, Innclose inspected the situation around the classifiers and made a 3D design. After approval from the client, the covers were assembled at Innclose in Aalten and extensively tested by the client. Innclose installed the finished product at the client's plant, and both the client and the operators who are working with these machines every day are very satisfied.