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The situation

A producer of screw conveyors was looking for a company to design a thermally insulated catch basin for a flake-ice machine.

The request

Innclose was asked to develop and manufacture a catch basin. The client's specifications were as follows:

  •  inner and outer plate must be made of stainless steel;
  • fully insulated to prevent condensation;
  • the basin must be easy to demount;
  • the catch basin must have a service hatch;
  • it must be possible to mount a flake-ice machine on top of the catch basin.

The solution

Innclose's engineers designed a catch basin with a service hatch that complies with the list of specifications provided by the client. On Innclose's advice, the lower container of the screw conveyor was insulated to ensure the ice maintains the desired temperature for longer.

The result

The catch basin was constructed in such a way that a self-supporting structure was created, meaning that the flake-ice machine placed on top of the lid does not require a supporting frame. The walls and lid of the catch basin are extremely simple to mount and demount via fully watertight bolt connections. A service hatch gives you easy access to the machine.