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The situation

A special compressor was designed for the salvage of an Italian cruise ship. It had to be brought onto the ship’s deck by helicopter.

The request

Innclose was asked to design a fire-resistant and noise-insulating housing . An extra challenge was that the compressor had to have optimal accessibility for servicing. Large quantities of air also had to be supplied to be able to cool the compressor.

The solution

The maritime circumstances required the application of specific materials such as 316 stainless steel. In the statically determined construction facilities were provided with which the unit could simply be transported to offshore destinations by helicopter. Accessibility is optimal because all panels are detachable.  The housing is supplied as skid.

The most elementary aspects of our solution are:

  • the construction is in 316 stainless steel;
  • simply detachable noise-insulating and fire-resistant panels;
  • a design that takes account of the supply and extraction of large air volumes.

The result

The housing (in these special circumstances) ensures optimal protection against fire and noise pollution. Transport by helicopter and placing on the cruise ship to be salvaged took place without a hitch.