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The situation

A customer of Innclose supplies equipment that must ensure the safe conversion of biogas in varying work environments. These installations are subsequently installed at agricultural companies in Europe.

The request

We received the request to supply a custom-made insulation solution for a complex biogas installation that must suffice with regard to a number of diverse criteria, including:

  • optimal noise control because these installations are often operated near homes;
  • fire-resistance of 60 minutes;
  • compliance with ATEX conditions;
  • resistance to changing meteorological conditions such as wind and snow loads.

The solution

In the design we put the focus on the functionality of the equipment and the safety of the user. The floors were provided with welded drip-trays in combination with grid floors. Much attention was also devoted to providing a complete delivery: 

  • finishing strips between the stacked containers;
  • delivery including (digital) manuals with the production drawings, certificates and assembly details in the required language.

The result

The housing suffices with regard to all requirements and desires of both the supplier of the installation and the end user where the container is installed. On the request of the end customer use is made of insulation panels in a metallic design. Our customer is very satisfied with the way Innclose helped seek the solution and the thorough service provided. In the meantime the containers are being used in various countries with great satisfaction.