When hygiëne and quality are important

Themes like hygiene and quality play a decisive role in the pharmaceutical industry and in laboratory settings. Stricter regulation in the sector is partly responsible for increasing demand for well-equipped cleanrooms. In general, all cleanrooms with the highest ISO classification (ISO 14644-1/3) are still compatible.

Top quality

Innclose designs and constructs tailor-made cleanrooms that comply with international norm ISO 14644-1/3. We will offer you a highly efficient solution for any type of high care room or high risk department. The cleanroom concept (with GMP certificate), which was developed in Germany, has proven its worth on the global stage. Walls, frames, windows and walkable ceilings are completely seamless. This is important when eliminating contamination, including vaccine-related contamination.


The cleanrooms offered by Innclose are suitable for a variety of applications and markets, including the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, nano-technology, food, healthcare and other high-tech industries.

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