Casings for the energy production sector

Alternative types of energy are becoming increasingly important. Biogas is one such alternative and is attracting a lot of interest. Innclose supplies insulated containers used in the traditional oil and gas industry, but which are also suitable when extracting energy from biogas installations.

At home in energy production

Innclose containers feature special frames with fire-resistant casings. They are used to house installations, values and taps in (offshore and onshore) oil and gas production. We also supply containers with solar panels, roof finishes, lead-troughs and floor parts, which have been specifically tailored to onshore and offshore areas and maximum load ability requirements.

ATEX environment

Flammable gases, vapour, spray or dust can result in explosive atmospheres. Do you have such ATEX environments in your production process? Then make sure the containers you use are protected with special panels and gas-proof doors. Innclose supplies tailor-made casings that meet all requirements applicable in zones susceptible to explosions.

Biogas containers

Are you looking for a biogas container and do you want to expand the container structure with appropriate solutions like a fire-proof door, floor, walls, ceiling and roof? Innclose supplies biogas containers that meet all accompanying requirements. Containers are safe and protect processes for converting biogas into electricity or upgrading it into biomethane.

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