Hygiëne in the healthcare sector

Hygiene is an important factor in the healthcare sector. Dispensing pharmacies, Central Sterilisation Departments (CSA), industrial kitchens and mortuaries; all are places where hygiene, air quality and cleanability play an important role. That is why a hygienic shell is needed when managing dust, temperature and air humidity. Innclose designs and constructs cleanrooms and high care refrigeration cells that stand out for their efficiency.

International concept

The concept we use has proven its worth on the worldwide stage. The materials and technologies we implement have been produced in Germany and we only use components of the very best quality. Design and installation are realised via prefabrication in our factory, which helps to minimise disruptions in your business processes.


Innclose cleanrooms are completely seamless, which helps to further reduce the chance of contamination. We will use your requirements and preferences to develop a cleanroom that complies with international norm ISO 14644-1/3. Just like your CSA, your dispensing pharmacy also deserves this standard of finish.

High care refrigerations cells

Effective refrigeration is essential in order to safely store prepared products and foods. Storage below the prescribed temperature is often insufficient because cleaning and durable materials also have an impact! That is why Innclose high care refrigeration and freezing cells feature fully integrated round wall connections and a so-called food-safe coating of 180 mu. Different hygiene issues, like preventing employee contamination, will be encountered if refrigeration cells are used in mortuaries.

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